We have held a first meeting of key groups and organisations to identify how best to help the most vulnerable people across our community cope with the restrictions imposed to respond to Covid-19. Further work is being done to pool resources and identify volunteers to deliver help to those who need support, and to ensure safety for everyone concerned.

We are working closely with local charity and partner Harrogate & Ripon Centres for Voluntary Service and Ripon Community House to put plans in place, together with a wide range of groups and organisations across the city.

We are working hard to resolve all the various issues involved and will have a final scheme designed and resources identified as soon as possible (days not weeks) which we will share widely via our combined networks.

Please be patient as we work on all of this and be assured that all our efforts are focused on putting arrangements in place which will work safely and be sustainable over the weeks and months ahead. We are also getting advice from North Yorkshire County Council.

Shortly we will be taking details of people able to volunteer to support our most vulnerable people, with as much safeguarding in place as possible. We will let you know how to register as soon as this is set up; please be patient as sending us info before we are ready will just create extra work and detract from our current efforts to get properly organised.

However if you have ideas or suggestions about how we can all work together please send them in via e mail info@ripontogether.com or our Facebook page, or you can send a message via the Get Involved page on this website.

In the meantime here is helpful general guidance from North Yorkshire County Council on how you can you help your community and what to do if you need help.

Thank you for your interest and support and stay safe and well.