The Ripon C.I.C., known as Ripon Together, has been set up to improve the community, environmental and economic sustainability of Ripon through fostering greater unity and cooperation amongst its community, in order to achieve positive change.

This will benefit:

  • People who live in, work in and/or run a business in and around Ripon.
  • People who visit Ripon to access cultural, leisure, business and community services and facilities.

Ripon Together will:

  • Provide a mechanism for organisations and members of the community to work together in partnership to improve the city.
  • Develop a sustainable approach to funding by looking for opportunities to generate surpluses which can be reinvested in addition to accessing grant funding to support the delivery of actions.
  • Develop and deliver projects and services to enhance the city’s economy and environment.
  • Develop and deliver projects and services to improve the customer experience and attract more visitors and tourists to Ripon.
  • Develop and deliver projects and services to improve the quality of life of those living in and around the city, in particular seeking to be inclusive in all its activities.
  • Any surpluses generated will be reinvested in the delivery of projects and services as outlined above for the benefit of the community in pursuit of the Community Interest Company’s objective.