Ripon Together is the trading name of Ripon C.I.C., a community interest company established to make Ripon a better place.

Ripon Together is a collaborative enterprise dependent on the efforts of its members to achieve its objectives.  It is hoped members will be able to play an active part in the company, for example by attending general meetings, taking part in consultations, joining a working group, being part of a project team, recruiting more members or supporting its events or other initiatives by attending, volunteering or providing in-kind or financial support.

Ripon Together members will be mindful of the trust that is invested in them when they join the company and will refrain from any behaviour that could bring Ripon Together into disrepute.   In particular, they will not harass, exclude or discriminate against other members or members of the public when engaged in Ripon Together activities.

Members will understand that opinions expressed by individuals may not be those of the membership as a whole, or even of the majority.  Only the Board may speak on behalf of Ripon Together or use the Ripon Together name and logo.

Members are welcome to tender for contracts of work that Ripon Together may award from time to time, but this must be done fairly, openly and transparently.  Members must inform the Board if they stand to benefit financially from any Ripon Together project that they are involved in, must not exert undue influence on other members working on projects that might so benefit them, and must declare promptly any conflicts of interest that arise.

Members who are unable to abide by this code of conduct will regrettably have their membership terminated.

Adopted: 4th Aril 2017

Amended: 8th June 2021 and 10th January 2023